Therapeutic horsemanship sessions involve a variety of activities including:
·     Grooming
·      Leading
·      Riding
·      Exercising and lunging

·      Games and obstacles

Clients are given the opportunity to determine their own goals with their chosen horse and to work toward the successful completion of these goals. Challenges and goals worked through with therapeutic horsemanship include:
·      Patience
·      Concentration
·      Trust
·     Stress reduction
·      Mindfulness and being present in the moment

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therapeutic horsemanship

Therapeutic horsemanship is a blended program that focuses on working with the horse from both the ground and in the saddle. These sessions help individuals learn how to groom, ride, understand and communicate with their chosen horse.

Each session is taught by our therapeutic riding instructor and can have leaders and sidewalkers depending on the needs of the client. Sessions are flexible and can be either from the ground or in the saddle depending on the goals of the client.