practicing mindfulness & meditation clinic for women:
an equine assisted approach -  Aug  9, 2015 & SEPT 27, 2015

We are very excited to announce that we'll be hosting a half-day meditation and mindfulness clinic for women in partnership with Be Free by Shawna Thibodeau on August 9th from 8:30am to 12:00pm!

This half-day event is intended for women, ages 18-60 years with an interest in mindfulness, meditation, well-being, peace, happiness, nature, and horses. Activities will benefit riders, meditators, and those wishing to be more mindful in their lives. No experience is necessary!

The clinic includes
* A lesson on horse psychology and the relationship between mindfulness, horses, and well-being
* 3 mindfulness activities with horses
* Lesson on mindfulness, meditation, happiness and well-being
* 2 guided meditations and 2 mindful activities to increase peace, self-connection, and joy
* Light refreshments and snacks

Sign-up and Payment Details
* Space is limited to 12 participants!
* To sign-up, please email to reserve your spot
* Payment is accepted through online e-transfer (payment is required to secure your spot)
* Receipt is provided day of clinic
* Event runs rain or shine - we have shelter!
* Payment is non-refundable

Interested in a mindful riding lesson after the clinic?
Amanda is offering a one-hour riding lesson for a special offer of $40.00 for clinic participants! Please include in your email, if you are interested.

Boundary Setting Workshop for Women

Past clinics

We are pleased to announce that we are co-hosting a workshop with Leadership Educational Activities with Horses.

This workshop is geared towards women looking to enrich their personal and professional relationships.

Through experiential learning with horses, our professional team will help you learn how to set healthy boundaries with your kids, your employees, your co-workers, and/or your partners.

Working with horses offers a unique perspective as they reflect how others see us. This allows a powerful transformative experience that reveals and challenges various aspects about ourselves.

This workshop takes place exclusively from the ground with no riding involved.

For more information or to register, please contact Amanda Pratt.