Head Instructor, AMANDA PRATT


Roya Ghahremani has always had a strong belief that horses were good for the body and soul. Ever since she took her first horseback riding lesson in grade eight, she has held this belief close to her heart. She first began pursuing this notion by volunteering at The Equine Connection, working alongside Amanda Pratt to provide support to clients with a range of different abilities and talents.

She moved to Peterborough to undertake a Master's of Science in Psychology degree, where her thesis research investigated the effects of Equine Assisted Learning on the resilience of trauma survivors. Working alongside The Mane Intent, she served to find out what exactly the connection was between working with horses, and clients' sense of mastery, sense of relatedness, and emotion regulation.

Now, Roya has returned to the place that first sparked this passion, and hopes to continue to see the magic of horses at work!

After finding a new home for her horse Noble, a barn to teach out of, and a lovely set of new and eager horses to use for lessons, The Equine Connection was born. The Equine Connection has grown to include 4 owned horses to our herd. Check them out under our horses!

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Our Instructors

Our head instructor, Amanda Pratt, has been involved with horses for most of her life. She started her journey into therapeutic riding and equine assisted learning nearly twelve years ago by volunteering at a therapeutic riding centre in Orangeville.

Once she'd been volunteering for a while, she decided to pursue her Equine Specialist certification through  EAGALA  allowing her to be a certified team member in  Equine Assisted Learning  and  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions. After volunteering at the centre for three and a half years, she progressed to working at the centre full-time as an assistant instructor and fundraising coordinator. At this time, she also decided to pursue her therapeutic riding instructor certification through  CanTRA  as a basic therapeutic riding instructor.

Once the centre closed, she decided that she loved teaching too much to give it up. She resolved to strike out on her own and start teaching again in the fall of 2012, this time working for herself.