Texas Hold 'Em (Tex)

Age:8 years

Breed:Quarter Horse



Texas is what we call an old soul. It's usually a competition between him and Noble as to who is calmest!Texas has been off this year due to an injury, but he's starting to feel better so we're hoping he'll be back in the program soon!

Winsome Dreamer (Winny)

Age: 18 years

Breed: Clydesdale cross

Colour: Bay

Height: 14.2hh

Winny is a therapeutic riding rockstar! With her calm and quiet nature, she is very eager to please her rider and form a bond with them.


Age: 28 years

Breed: Appendix (Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred)

Colour: Palomino

Height: 16.3hh

Noble is an old pro at therapeutic riding and Equine Assisted Learning. He's been working with our head instructor, Amanda, for seven years now and shows no sign of stopping any time soon!

Funny story: Noble once decided that his part in an EAL session was finished by nudging open the human-sized door and walking through it into the adjoining field!

At The Equine Connection, our horses are team members and play a key role in our sessions. It's important to us that you get to meet the entire team!


Age:13 years




Teddy is a newer addition to our program and he's loving his new life getting lots of brushing and loving from our riders. Teddy loves to teach our riders how to balance properly when riding and he especially loves to trot!

Kairos (Kai)

Age:13 years

Breed:Quarter Horse

Colour:Black with white socks


Kairos is the newest horse to come into our program. Although he's a big boy, he's proving to be a gentle giant with anyone around him. Kai doesn't like to work too hard doing things like trotting or cantering unless there are carrots involved!

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