therapeutic horsemanship groups

Therapeutic horsemanship sessions involve a variety of activities including:

·     Grooming
·      Leading
·      Lunging
·      Ground driving

·      Games and/or ground-based obstacle courses

The focus of the session can be determined in advance to comply with curriculum goals or at the session based on the desires of the group.
Some of the groups that we've run include:
·      Adults 18+ with developmental delays
·      Children 6-15 with Autism Spectrum Disorder
·      Special Needs summer camp

      ·      School groups

Contact us to inquire about group availability or to book a group session of your group!

Group sessions are offered for therapeutic horsemanship. These can be a once-off group or on a weekly basis.

Each session is taught by our horsemanship instructor and can have volunteers assisting with the group session depending on the needs of the groups. Sessions are flexible and can cover a variety of topics including:

·     Leadership skills
·     Teamwork
·     Social skills
·     Independent living skills
·     Confidence-building
·     Mindfulness and finding balance in your life