Equine Assisted Life Coaching sessions provide the opportunity to focus on personal growth and development in a non-traditional, relaxed outdoor setting. Working with our horses from the ground, together we identify and work towards achieving personal and professional goals.

Life coaching sessions take place exclusively from the ground and involve one or more horses in our barn, arena, round pen, or one of the paddocks.

equine assisted life coaching

These sessions are structured based on the needs of the client, so each session will be different from client to client and even from session to session. As the needs of the client change, so too will the session format and structure. 

We base our sessions on the belief that every client has the capacity to find their own solutions when given the opportunity, so we do our best to keep our sessions as free-flowing and agenda-free as possible.

Our clients explore their goals by tapping into the intuitive nature of the horses to bring about positive change. Goals and skills developed with equine assisted life coaching include:

·      Stress Management
·      Mindfulness
·      Boundary setting

·      Leadership
·      Self-confidence

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